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Our Top 5 Holiday Destinations

If the travel bug bit you, you understand how exciting it is to book your next flight to your chosen holiday spot. From booking the perfect hotel to finding the best hot spots to try the local cuisine, traveling gives you a rush of excitement when discovering a new country for that longed for getaway.
With so many countries to choose from, where each location offers a unique and incomparable experience, it can be so hard to choose which destination to explore and discover next.
Here are our five favorite holiday spots to help inspire your next vacay:

1. The Greek Islands
The Greek Islands by Hello Lightbulb
Greece is first on the list!
If you’re planning to get a gorgeous shade of tan, then head over to the beautiful beaches of Greece! Enjoy the majestic views – the ones you’ve always dreamed of seeing – and learn how to live life the Greek way when you mingle with the locals and let them take you to the beautiful spots only they know!
Did you know the name Kardia originates from Greece and this is where our artisan sandals are made? So be sure to pack a couple of your favorite pairs. Made by hand in soft leathers our sandals will keep you comfortable and stylish from beach to bar or wherever your holiday wanderings may take you!

Santorini leather sandals in whiteSantorini sandals in white leather, so called after their name sake island in the Aegean Sea.

 2. The MaldivesThe Maldives by sebastian-pena-lambarri-Yaia.jpg

If your idea of the perfect break away is an island paradise, then pack your bags and head to the Maldives. With its pristine white sands, perfect weather and sea in various sparkling shades of blue, you can’t get more magical than relaxing under the sun and sipping your favorite cocktail while watching the tropical fish swim by.

Leave your life behind and escape to the Maldives. You can’t help but relax and recharge when you’re holidaying in paradise.
Escape to island bliss wearing our Lovina beach dress and Maia sandals. As well as being versatile to wear, they are both light in weight and take up next to no space in your suitcase to be your perfect paradise companions!
Lovina Beach Cover up with Maia sandals in rose gold leather The Lovina dress in coral and the Maia sandals in rose gold leather.

 3. BaliBali by Jannet Serhan
If you’ve never been to Southeast Asia, then consider going to Bali first!
An island with breathtaking views, incredible beaches and a variety of choice - it’s the hot spot of the moment, and a destination like no other. Book a hotel by the beach and you’ll never get tired of waking up to an amazing view of the ocean. Or choose a villa in lush tropical surrounds and enjoy the culture of the Balinese people.
A Balinese massage will ease you into vacay mood, whether that may be bartering at the local markets, immersing yourself in Indonesian culture, spending time at a yoga retreat, or relaxing and enjoying delicious food at one of the island’s many trendy coffee shops.
For a stylish trip, visit temples, take a walk on the beach or head out to a local bar in a Lovina dress and the Rhea sandals! They’re the ideal combo to keep you cool for this tropical getaway. ­

Lovina Swimwear cover up dress with Rhea slipper sandals in black and white leather Rhea slides in soft leather and the Lovina cover up in grey.

4. Italy Tuscany Italy

Known for its picturesque villages perched on cliffs over the sea, ancient ruins and incredible architecture, some of the world’s greatest art as well as gastronomy and fine wine, Italy has a multitude of experiences to explore. 
It’s one of the most popular travel destinations for good reason. Ask any tourist who visited Italy and you can expect them to tell you how exquisite it is!
Feel the allure of this beautiful country, get lost in Tuscany, explore the Cinque Terra, the ancient sights of Rome, stop for a gelato or a delectable pizza and a glass of prosecco and while away an hour or two. This is what makes Italy so irresistible.

Look and feel great while exploring in the Leopard Split Sleeve dress and carry your daily holiday essentials in the Sui messenger bag to channel a little quintessential Italian while on vacay.

Leopard print split sleeve summer cover up dress and Sui leather handbag Leopard split sleeve dress and Sui messenger bag in black italian leather.
5. HawaiiSunset Hawaii Beach

Say ‘Aloha’ to clear blue skies and beautiful sunsets when you choose to visit Hawaii on your next vacation! Enjoy pure bliss as you head down to the beach to bask under the glorious Hawaiian sunshine. Everyone wants to leave with a touch of that golden tan.  

For a bit of adventure, learn to surf or be brave and snorkel with sharks. Book a spectacular helicopter ride over Kilauea volcano, one of the world’s most active volcanoes - this is on our bucket list. And a ‘must do’ while you’re there is experiencing the Hawaiian culture and an evening feast at a luau. It’s a great night out.

There are just so many things to do in Hawaii, and we haven’t even mentioned the shopping yet! It’s a favourite place of ours that we’ll definitely be heading back to.
Comfortably walk the sights in style wearing our Khloe slides and keep your essentials handy in a Macrame Beaded Shoulder bag! They make a great travel companion as they pack away small in a suitcase to use for day tripping while you’re away.

Macrame bag with natural beaded detail with Khloe leather slide on sandals in tan and gold Macrame beaded bag in natural cotton with Khloe slide on sandals in tan and gold leather.