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Spotted in the Khaleej Times! All about Ethical and Sustainable fashion including our very own Alasia Lifestyle brand...

Ethical sustainable fashion khaleej times June 2018

Ethical and sustainable fashion is here to stay. Research suggests that the fashion industry is the second-highest pollutant, after oil, which makes it a pretty good reason why you should be more conscious about your fashion buys.

So, what is sustainable fashion? It’s not just about identifying the harm we’re causing to the environment, but also saying no to unnecessary fashion purchases. Where should you begin?

We suggest by asking questions such as — Is one fabric better than the other?, From where was the cotton sourced?, Who were the artists behind the creation?, Can a consumer make a difference?, Is my favourite brand supporting environment-friendly practices?, What is a green-washed label?, Do I really need those extra pair of shoes? — and more.

Call it sustainable, eco or green fashion, it’s here to stay. Why should you embrace it? Because it offers you an opportunity to look and feel great, and reduce your carbon footprint and chemical load. Also, if you think you are no good at reduce, reuse, and recycle, then you can try ‘repurpose, repair, and rent’.

Alasia Lifestyle is your place for handmade and sustainable leather sandals. All of their leather has been sourced from tanneries in Greece and Italy, who use non-toxic vegetable dyes. They’ve been practicing a zero-waste policy by only making what they need, and not keeping any stock. Available at

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