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About us

Kardia is an online boutique with a curated collection of gorgeous handmade leather sandals, quality unique bags, comfy cool dresses and jewellery from small artisan designers.

Started by a love of those finds while on holiday, strolling through small cobblestone streets and quaint little alleys: small designers, unique styles, handmade products. From these travels, Kardia was born. 

None of our items are mass produced. Each item is designed and made in small workshops from around the Mediterranean, Indonesian and the Middle East.

We want you to feel comfortable and at ease when wearing a piece from Kardia, just like you're on holiday. Let our sandals take you away to the white washed walls and deep blue seas of the Mediterranean. Feel stylish and stay cool in one of our dresses, as if you're relaxing poolside in tropical Bali.

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We'd love to hear what your favourite destinations are. We'd love to hear about small artisans you have found on your travels. We'd love to hear about what inspires you!
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Best wishes,
Fiona and the Kardia team.
From New Zealand, living in Dubai, with a love of travel.
Travel inspired. Made with love, that you will love.
Sandal template on leather sandal sole being made by hand leather sandal sole edges being smoothed in workshop  leather sandal templates and moulds in workshop
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