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Style a Clutch like Gigi 💖

Style a clutch bag like Gigi

Not just for the beach! Obsessed with fashion, sun and food, Gigi of @gigigorlova shows you how the Sea and Sun bags make the perfect clutch for days out too.

Styled to perfection, Gigi proves these bags are not just for heading poolside with. A pop of pink with a statement dress and the Tropical Escape bag is ready to hit the town. 

Cheer up an otherwise plain outfit with some playful and whimsical fun. Add a pop of colour or a punchy print to catch an eye and get the conversation rolling. See the collection here.

Style a clutch bag like influencer gigigorlova

With Tropical Island vibes this bag and the full collection by Sea & Sun were designed as a need to get away from plastic bags. Their unique waterproof lining lends them to a multitude of uses.

With a zip closure they will safely hold your essentials such as credit cards, cash, phone, lip and more.

Sea & Sun bag collection

Sea & Sun wet dry bag collection

Think outside the box, and let your Sea & Sun bag add a dash of fun to your day and outfit.  

Sea & Sun waterproof lined bag collection