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Alasia Lifestyle

Alasia Lifestyle takes it's inspiration from Mediterranean island lifestyle, with styles you can wear from the beach to the street with ease.
Founded in 2012, Alasia Lifestyle is based in the heart of the Mediterranean, on the island of Cyprus. The island is the birthplace of the mythical goddess of love and beauty, our muse - Aphrodite.
Each woman who walks in her 'Aphrodite' sandals is in tune with nature, love and beauty.
We believe things should be made to last. Trends come and go, but style is timeless. All our products are designed with modern femininity and island lifestyle in mind. Simplicity, quality raw materials and great craftsmanship are the keys to creating products you will love, and will love you back for years to come.
A significant part of our philosophy is supporting small family businesses and experienced local producers. Hence, all our products are Made In Cyprus, where we work directly with our local makers to ensure top quality while supporting the local ecosystem.
Founder and designer, Anastasia Gerali was worn and raised in South Africa of Greek parents. Spending all her summers in Greece and Cyprus, Anastasia formed a nostalgic link with her heritage. Love and work eventually brought her to Cyprus after living and working in London. In 2012, Anastasia quit her day job as a graphic designer at an advertising agency, and followed her heart in creating something truly Mediterranean. Inspired by traditional craft and modern island lifestyle, Anastasia continues to be a lover, dreamer and fighter.